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2017 Patti’s Poker Run

Our 2nd Annual Poker Run 10K in Mundelein was April 15th, 2017 and another successful and fun event! Thank you to our hosts Tighthead Brewing Co., Bill’s Pizza, Tamales Diana, Bosaki’s Home Brew, and Emil’s Sports Bar. The event donated $4,129 to the Greer Family in support of our friend Patti Greer for her battle with ALS. In addition, the players with the best hands donated their $300 and Bosaki’s Home Brew donated 30% of their proceeds. Her story is HERE.

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PR - Sinee & Nicole

2016 Poker Run

LRC hosted its first Poker Run 10K on February 27th, 2016. The event benefited Lake County Haven while providing a boost to our local economy as runners visited 5 Mundelein restaurants and bars to collect a poker card and have a drink and/or grab some food along the way. The winning hand took home $350 and we were able to provide Lake County Haven a check for $1,225!

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