Winter 2016/2017 Running Schedule

Tuesdays @ 5:15am – from Cook Memorial Park in Libertyville for as many miles you can squeeze in before work. These usually range from 3 – 6 miles.

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm – from Cook Memorial Park in Libertyville for fun runs from 3 – 7 miles. Post-run libations at a local establishment. Pre-run libations at Craft Beer Store if you’re feeling wild and crazy.

Saturdays @ 7:00am from Libertyville Metra Station (3 – 22 miles).

Routes and workouts will be posted in advance to our Facebook group page HERE. We provide a FREE group training program. Group runs will correspond with those training plans but you’re certainly not required to follow those distances exactly. See the Training Plan tab for details.

Curious what paces run with LRC? Answer: ALL OF THEM. Check out our pace roster HERE.


2 Responses to Winter 2016/2017 Running Schedule

  1. Carolyn miller says:

    I am interested in joining your running club but where do I start….just show up to one of practices? Really looking forward to running with others. Do I need to contact someone specifically first?


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