LRC Travel Races

LRC takes the U.S.A.! Shortly after starting LRC, I began inviting you to tag along for my 50-state marathon goal races chronicled in my blog HERE – St. Louis in 2015 being the first. This has evolved into cool destinations pitched by many of you.

St Louis LRC

1st LRC trip (my 20th state): LRC takes GO! St. Louis Marathon, April 2015

Oregon LRC

Last LRC trip (my 40th state): LRC Takes Eugene Oregon Marathon, April 2018

With 4 states remaining in this 50-state goal, I invite you to be part of the memories and experience (and the blog that documents this 10-year adventure) at one or all of the remaining states with me and LRC:

#49 (New Jersey): 4/29/19 – The New Jersey Marathon

#50 (Alaska): 6/22/19 – Mayor’s Marathon and the Facebook event page

Thank you for the travel memories and for those to come!

– Mike