Welcome to the LRC – where if it ain’t* fun, you’re doing it wrong! We’re inclusive of all runners and walkers, we have no membership fees, and since 2014, we’ve been fostering an outstanding running community that’s grown as fast as the weeds in my landscaping. Join the Club, at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/libertyvillerunningclub

Here’s an interview about the genesis and mission of the Club:

* My use of the word “ain’t” is intentional. It’s much like the LRC – it’s nonstandard and has a history of stirring up the status quo. Welcome to a new kind of running club!

4 Responses to About

  1. Vanessa Guerrero says:

    I just moved to Mundelein from the city. Miss running a long Lake Shore drive. Its been kind of hard for me to adjust and find trails to run on. This group looks wonderful and a great fit for me . How do I join? Do i just show up on any of the running dates?


    • Hi Vanessa, welcome to the ‘burbs! Yes, you can just show up to any of the scheduled runs. No fees. We announce group run details and all other stuff on our Facebook group page called Libertyville Running Church. Search and join. We’re not really a church. We just treat running and fun as our religion. Cheers, Mike Brunette



    Are there any running classes for a beginner? Very interested.


    • Hi Amanda! We don’t teach running class per se, but we do welcome beginners. Our routes tend to be out and back (run as much as you like) and the runs include runners of all experiences. Join the FB group page linked for details. Cheers!


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