The Winter 2018 Training Plans

The LRC’s “Fun Running Encourages Everyone’s Speedy, Happy, & Interesting Times!” 16-WEEK MARATHON TRAINING PLAN & 14-WEEK HALF MARATHON TRAINING PLAN are here! These are FREE, just like LRC. We will make you love the hell out of running!

The training plan target races will be:

These plans are culled from MY EXPERIENCE utilizing many different training plans over the course of training for and completing 60+ marathons on all terrains in conjunction with helping you enjoy the experience through 5+ years of creating and operating more attentive and community-driven run clubs. With all that experience, you know what I’ve learned? Everyone loves FREESHIT!

The LRC aligns our Tuesday 5:15am, Wednesday 6:30pm, and Saturday 7:00am group runs to compliment these plans. Gatorade will be supplied at the Saturday runs. We will be posting details about each of these runs to our Facebook group page so join HERE if you haven’t already. You are encouraged to participate with the LRC. I cannot understate the power of a positive group training experience. I know, you hated your old run club; this is different.

Feel free to email me with questions about these plans. They are guidelines for marathon and half marathon runners and are adaptable to a different race date. Remember, if it isn’t fun, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

– Mike Brunette





12 Responses to The Winter 2018 Training Plans

  1. Larissa says:

    How does the speed tempo drill work?


    • We do these together in the Wednesday night group run and I will explain how to approach the workout each week at that time.


      • Wilko says:

        you’ve got the tempo runs listed as thursdays


      • Yes sir, that’s the plan. Speed on Tues and Tempo on Thurs. You don’t have to hit all of those tempo runs, especially early in the plan. They will become more important as you get closer to race day. You’ll also note that we won’t be doing speed workouts in the second half of the plan.

        The question and response you’re commenting on was in regard to our Winter Training Plan where we did Wednesday night tempo runs. The Summer Plan is different.


  2. Thanks for putting this together Mike. You may not see me much/at all, but I’ll be working on following this!


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  4. Irit Alkalay says:

    I’m training to Sep Marathon, would like to join your club.
    Should I wait for fall season, or I can join now?
    How does it work.
    I saw you guys running this Sat at the Independence grove. You all looked so cool.


  5. Neil says:

    Any fun runs on Sunday mornings?


  6. Jessica says:

    Are you offering any summer marathon training groups? I am running Chicago in the fall, and I’m looking for a training group. I’ve heard great things about Libertyville Running Club!


    • Hi Jessica,

      We sure will! I’ll have our summer training plans up next month and we’ll kick off in early June. Last year, we had over 70 runners training for the Chicago Marathon with many others joining us. Our Wednesday and Saturday group runs will follow the plan and we will have coached track & hill workouts all summer. For all the details including the track registration, join the Facebook group: The club is as free as a bird. Cheers, Mike Brunette


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