Meet the LRC – November Member Spotlight 2016


Kiko, with Mila and Nicole, running the LRC hill workout

Meet Kiko, possibly your next running buddy.

Kiko’s foster mom, Nicole Quigley, has been fostering him for 8 months from Placing Paws  – a Libertyville-based rescue group that takes cats and dogs from rural shelters with high euthanasia rates. With no physical location for their animals, they rely on folks like Nicole that will care for them until they can be placed in their furever home.

Kiko came to the rescue the same way many animals often do, he was purchased from someone for his looks that ended up not knowing much about how to care for him. Unfortunately, he spent most of his days in a crate in the garage before being given up to a shelter.

Since living with Nicole and her mastiffs, Kiko has been given a chance to fully embrace the dog life. He is a high-energy dog with an obsession for playing fetch. Kiko is a great running mate with a love for trails and cool morning runs. He’s got a 7-mile distance PR but Nicole knows he can shatter that. Kiko joined the LRC for one of our hill workouts and showed us all he’s got what it takes to tackle a What-the-Hell-Does-Mike-Brunette-Know training plan.

Nicole’s mastiffs are older dogs and though they don’t have the energy to keep up with Kiko, they get along swimmingly. Nicole thinks he would be best suited in a home with older kids because of his energy and size (70lbs). He hasn’t lived with any cats but he sure is intrigued by them. Nicole has taught him some manners – he’s a chewer of toys and rawhide but leaves her shoes and furniture alone – and sit, stay, down, shake, and leave it are now commands he follows.

Much like us runners on a run, he has a sensitive stomach, which is common with the pit bull terrier breed. He will occasionally counter surf for food Nicole may have left out but he’s always content with a bone of any variety.

While Nicole is at work, Kiko often spends his days at K-9 Playtime in Mundelein. They are very supportive of the mission of foster families and offer free daycare to all dogs fostered through Placing Paws! Here he has the opportunity to get all his energy out before going home to chill on the couch.

Thank you to Nicole and others like her that are happy to foster these animals until they find their furever families. It is our hope that people will stop buying pets from puppy mills and breeders and instead look to animal rescues like Placing Paws for their next pet. If you’re interested in Kiko, know someone who may be, or would like more info about or to donate to area shelters, below are some links to a couple Libertyville organizations we have great experience with.

Placing Paws site HERE.

Orphans of the Storm site HERE.

The Libertyville Running Club will be making a donation to both of these organizations based on the number of runners that attend our annual Run of the Dogs fun run at the end of November – an event we started last year to honor the loss of Dixie (read that article HERE) and all of the dogs & cats we’ve lost after having the pleasure of their company as family members. Details of this run will be announced on our Facebook group page soon.

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It pays to run with friends and you don't have to pay for that here. So whether you're a new or experienced runner, training for a race or just hoping to have a casual run with friends, this page will be a resource for all active people in and around Libertyville.
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