Meet the LRC – January Member(s) Spotlight 2016


Cheers and hoppy new beers from some of the LRC shenanigators

Here we are, the beginning of a new year and the start of the second year of these Member Spotlight articles. These articles are meant to give the reader a better sense of who the LRC is and show how a group sharing so much camaraderie is also made up of an amazingly diverse collection of individuals.

This month’s article puts the focus on the large group of you who submitted 2015 accomplishments and New Year’s resolutions – 72, to be exact. It pleases me to see what we’ve achieved while participating in the LRC and just how grand our visions have become as a result of the supportive and inspirational club we’ve built.

With so many of you responding to my call, there’s no way I can repeat back all of the great accomplishments and plans for 2016, so I figured the most readable way to do this this year is in highlight format (I actually have a spreadsheet working behind all of this, but only about four of you would prefer to read it that way).

So what’s in a resolution and how far can we push ourselves? 2015 was a year of big achievement for many of you:

  • 5ks – Completing their first were Christy Bartolain and Diana Reyes; thanks to LRC speed workouts their fastest, big improvements and a win were accomplished by Rachel Shoemaker, Sue Behringer and Lee Dunbar, respectively, while Bonny Thomas was proud to get her two children out to complete two 5ks as a family.
  • 10ks – Tackling not one, but two within one week of each other and for the first time in 30 years was Greg Anderson who credits the track workouts for building the strength and confidence he needed to get back in it.
  • Half Marathons – Chris Brown knocked off six states toward his 50 state half marathons goal, Molly Ellis and David Christensen completed four, accomplishing their first were Chris Ankeny and Eric Miller, and Sinee Feld worked her way back from knee surgery with races building up to and including a half marathon.
  • Marathons – 2015 was a year of first marathons for Derek Romeo (who also BQd!), Jenni Horst, Michelle Smith, Heidi Greco, and Carrie Wagner, a year of BQs for Michael Stehling, Kate Wichmann, Stephen Ryner, Ted Tharp and Matt Nakanishi, and finishers abound including Emily Jones, Heather Pietschmann, Jodi Majewski, Alicia Waters, Selina Carpenter, Ryan & Kristy Dietz, and Rae Goodman, among others.
  • Ultras – A lot of firsts here: The Deacon, Josh Hogan, Adrianne Warren, and Bob Lenning tackled their first 100-milers, the LRC peer pressure machine saw several newbie and seasoned runners at this distance enter and complete the Ice Age Trail 50-Miler including Amy Perrin, Josh Hogan, Patrick Morris, Matt Nakanishi, The Deacon, and myself, and various 50ks and our Run of the Dead race created first time ultra runners out of Jeremy Bartusch, Jacki Whitney, Maryam Zakariya, and Trisha Zubert.
  • Triathlons & Cycling – Rae Goodman (after purchasing her first bike), Diana Reyes, and Carrie Wagner accomplished their first triathlons while Sinee Feld continued her post-knee surgery comeback with a sprint, olympic, and 1/2 Ironman distance. Molly Ellis completed the epic RAGBRAI ride across Iowa.
  • PRs – Wow! And this is just a sampling. Marathon PRs for: Rae Goodman – 55 minutes; Nate Rugg – 29 minutes; Kristy Dietz – 28 minutes; and Kate Wichmann – 19 minutes. Other PRs include: Nicole Quigley in an olympic distance triathlon; Amy Lauren and Maritza Pozo ran their furthest runs ever – 18 & 17 miles, respectively, with the LRC; Stephanie Nickolsen – half marathon & 2nd in her age group for a 5k; and Stephanie Hunsberger achieving a 7:50 minute mile at the LRC track workout 1-mile time trial – a huge improvement for her. Amazingly, Matt Nakanishi PRd in just about every race he ran including a half, full, 50k, and 50-miler!
  • Annual Mileage – Eric Miller came back from back surgery with 200 miles (the most he’s had in a long time), all while rediscovering his love for running with the help of LRC; Derek Romeo – 750; Derek O’Sullivan – 900; Erin Westphal & Ryan Dietz – 1,000; Alicia Walters – 1,200; Rebecca Atkinson – 1,300; Nate Rugg – 1,500; Maryam Zakariya – 1,600; Jeremy Bartusch – 2,200; and Matt Nakanishi & myself – 3,000. These were record years for all but Eric. Susan Geidner reached the highest ranking Volt status on Nike+ – a badge given to those who have run 9,320 miles (she did this in 6 years).
  • Other – Several of you lost weight, including Jeff Klein, Georgia & Josh Hogan, and Chris Ankeny. You volunteered at races and ran with your kids and dogs. Joanna Lee became a certified personal trainer. Chris Brown just ran 40 miles for his 40th birthday on New Year’s Eve with several of you joining him for some miles. Many made it a goal to take that leap from lurking the Facebook page to participating in the LRC which I suspect may have something to do with all our progress in 2015 and the lofty goals we’re setting up for 2016.

And now for our 2016 New Year’s resolutions:

  • 5ks – Alex Ander hopes to reduce his 5k pace from 10 minutes per mile to 8 minutes per mile.
  • Half marathons – Georgia Hogan, Greg Anderson, Diana Reyes, and Christy Bartolain plan to accomplish their first half marathons, while several plan to build on their resume including Chris Brown and Heidi Greco knocking off many more states toward their 50 state goal.
  • Marathons – Throwing their hats in the ring for their first at this distance include: Katie Hinrichs, Nicole Quigley, Jill Baranowski, Adrianne Warren, Rachel Shoemaker, and Diana Reyes. Kate Wichmann, Ted Tharp, Michael Stehling, Matt Nakanishi, and Stephen Ryner head to Boston for their first time. Ann Rowley is planning to come back to marathons four months after giving birth to her first child while Carrie Medina would like to attempt her first after a tough year of recovering from being hit by a car. Attempting what is consistently ranked as the 1st or 2nd toughest trail marathon in the world, Bob Lenning plans to run the Pikes Peak Marathon – starting at almost 6,400ft above sea level and climbing 7,800ft to summit Pikes Peak at 14,200ft then going back down!
  • Ultras – Here we go; the year of the ultra will see Kevin Hoffmann, Tom Sheehan, Michelle Perez, Carrie Wagner, and Diana Reyes earn that belt buckle with their first 50k; Susan Geidner with a 50-miler; and Christine Borgerding with a 100-miler. Also, several of you didn’t heed my warning NOT to sign up for the Ice Age Trail 50-miler including: David Christensen, Ted Tharp, and Jacki Whitney for their first. Seasoned ultra runners such as Maryam Zakariya and Patrick Morris are sprinkling their calendars with a few 50ks and 50-milers, with Patrick going for an ultra slam – a series of four area 100-mile races in a calendar year. As if that’s not enough, Brad Gorski is eyeing a 200-mile race! And I successfully goaded seven of you to enter the lottery with me for arguably the dumbest of all feats: the Leadville 100-mile trail race. Here’s to hoping we don’t get selected Jeremy Bartusch, The Deacon, Sarah Molsen, Ian Nichols, Matt Nakanishi, Josh Hogan, and Amy Perrin!
  • Triathlons & Cycling – Nicole Quigley, Bonny Thomas, and Rae Goodman are all planning on their first 1/2 Ironman, while Lisa McCauley and Selina Carpenter return for their 5th and 6th Ironman, respectively. Also adding triathlons next year include: Maritza Pozo, Kevin Hoffmann, Heidi Greco, Carrie Medina, and Diana Reyes, while Lee Dunbar is taking his goals a step further, looking for a sprint distance age group win.
  • PRs – Kurt Krieghbaum, Stacy Speer, Eric Miller, and Jenni Horst hope to PR in a half marathon while Lisa McCauley, Rae Goodman, Nate Rugg, Josh Hogan, Ryan Dietz, Tom Sheehan, Kevin Hoffman, Jacki Whitney, Alicia Walters, Jill Baranowski, Heather Pietschmann, Zack Wolk, and Pat Emmons have set their sights on marathon PRs including sub-5 hour, sub-4 hour , sub-3 hour, and BQs. Stephanie Hunsberger and Bonny Thomas are among many of you looking forward to improving their mile pace with the help of our LRC track workouts this summer.
  • Annual Mileage – Some of your mileage goals include: Eric Miller – 300+; Christy Bartolain – 1,000; Derek O’Sullivan – 1,500; Nate Rugg – 1,800; and Maryam Zakariya & Erin Westphal – 2,016.
  • Other – Many of you are planning to incorporate more cross training and healthy eating to achieve the above goals and to assist in weight loss or keeping the weight off, staying injury free, and enjoying running more. Ryan Dietz is planning to run an event a month, Howie Kaske will get out of bed for LRC Saturday runs, and Stephanie Schaefer is willing herself to make running more of a habit and run a strong 3 miles. Again I see a trend of vows to participate in more LRC runs and events and volunteering opportunities.

So what are you waiting for? It’s never going to get better than it is today! Together we’re setting great examples for our friends, children, and community. I think you’ll soon discover just how big your accomplishments will become with a little help from the LRC; just ask these folks.

Happy New Year, LRC!

– Mike Brunette


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It pays to run with friends and you don't have to pay for that here. So whether you're a new or experienced runner, training for a race or just hoping to have a casual run with friends, this page will be a resource for all active people in and around Libertyville.
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