Meet the LRC – July Member Spotlight

July Member Spotlight - Josh

Josh Hogan traversing the Colorado Rockies on a 6-day, 120-mile mid-life crisis run.

Meet Josh Hogan – One of the Original Six LRC members, recent proprietor of one beautiful beard, drinker of all things craft beer but secret lover of Bud Light Lime (whoops, was I not supposed to say that?), and the 2nd most interesting man in the world.

Josh’s affair with running is a familiar, though slightly more extreme one: as a high school runner (cross country and hurdles) he ran two marathons at the ages of 16 and 17. However, in the 15 years that followed his interest waned as he gravitated toward a more sedentary lifestyle which ultimately resulted in him weighing 250lbs. Inspired by an office Biggest Loser competition in 2007, he got on the treadmill and just started walking, followed by a 3-minute run, followed by a 5K race later that year. His love for running had returned and he was losing weight.

He progressed into ultra running, culminating with the 2013 Trans Rockies 6-day, 120-mile run through the Colorado Rocky Mountains for his and a lifelong friend’s 40th birthdays. Running. Camping. Colorful characters. The equivalent of summer camp for runners. This was Josh’s happy place.

Around January/February of 2014, at the height of our polar vortex winter, Josh started running with the LRC. He, along with Joe Szatmary, Mike Biarnesen, and Pat Emmons (three others in the Original Six) had previously run together with Golden Legs Running. When asked to pick which one of the Original Six he would prefer to be stranded on an island with, he contemplated our respective strengths: “Mike Brunette would come with a wide variety of craft beers. Mike Biarnesen can wield a mean battle ax. Pat Emmons is handy and I’m sure he could remodel our lean-to. Lee Dunbar’s extensive Tough Mudder experience would probably go a long way towards keeping us alive. Joe Szatmary would organize us into recreational kickball teams to help pass the time until we are rescued, although recreational kickball is surprisingly dangerous and in truth he probably wouldn’t even show up.”

After a season of running with the LRC, Josh went into the NYC Marathon in November 2014 ready to enjoy himself. Though he was coming off of an injury, the exuberant crowd lining the course and the people he spent time training with provided him with the strength to sprint the finish through tree-lined Central Park and accomplish a 6-minute PR in the marathon!

Running with a group certainly has its benefits. With the LRC, Josh also notes that his social circle has exploded. He tends to be introverted and isn’t typically interested in the same things that a lot of people are interested in; he can only fake his way through a conversation about golf, wine, or sports for so long. Now he meets someone almost weekly who is wired like him in some way and has a great story to tell. Plus, runners usually lead with a conversation about bodily functions and toe nails, so after that you can talk about anything. He suggests that you try that at work and see what happens.

Josh recently completed another Biggest Loser competition at work, during which he trained for and ran a marathon and two ultras. Using the My Fitness Pal app, he tracked his calories. Though he lost the competition, he also lost 20lbs and is now 5lbs lighter than he recalls ever weighing! He looks forward to cheering on all the LRC runners at the Chicago Marathon this year along with running the Fort 2 Base nautical 10-mile race in August and his first 100-mile ultra at the Tunnel Hill 100 this November.

So how does one train for an ultra? There are so many components to this question but Josh has found a critical part of his training to be heart-rate monitoring – the idea being that while keeping your heart rate down you expend less energy thus enabling you to run for longer distances. The training involves running really slow, so slow that at first it doesn’t even feel natural. He assures us that while he trains with this approach at our Saturday runs this year, he will be at the back of the pack, ensuring no runner is left behind!

But what about the dog? Josh’s dog Matilda (seen below sporting a mustache for the LRC Prefontaine Memorial Run) has become a staple at our Saturday runs. While we’re there to run, she’s there to protect us from small, woodland creatures. Matilda recently adopted a sidekick, Hazel. She’s not so great at long distance, but kills the speed workouts. Both dogs are starting to wear a giant figure-8 pattern into his lawn.

And now you know Josh Hogan. Buy him a beer next time you see him out after an LRC run. Lucky for you, Bud Light Lime buckets are $10 just about everywhere.



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It pays to run with friends and you don't have to pay for that here. So whether you're a new or experienced runner, training for a race or just hoping to have a casual run with friends, this page will be a resource for all active people in and around Libertyville.
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One Response to Meet the LRC – July Member Spotlight

  1. Tracie Ouimet says:

    Well written! Josh is one of my favorite runner friends! Very determined, can-do guy who is a terrific family man to boot! His humility and honesty are a nice compliment with his talents as a runner! I love his wife Georgia too- she is a supportive spouse with a great sense of humor!! I consider myself lucky to call them friends!! Best of luck to Josh on his next adventure!

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