Meet the LRC – June Member Spotlight


Trish Paradise – LRC’s self-appointed caretaker and generally the sweetest person you’ll ever meet

It’s June and today is the start of LRC’s track workouts at Libertyville High School. There is not a more fitting member to highlight this month than Trish – the woman responsible for “spicing” up our track workouts.

In the spring of 2014, Trish and a friend came to a running store I was moonlighting in to get fitted for shoes. As I sat with them, I immediately sensed her exuberance and style with her trademark purple-streaked hair (she IS a hairstylist) and always-matching outfit. Trish explained that she had only been running for one year but was signed up for the Chicago Marathon. Given that the LRC has a broad spectrum of runners, including first-time and experienced marathoners, I extolled the benefits of training with a group and told her I hoped she would come run with us as she walked out with a pair of Brooks – still her favorite shoes to run in.

Like many of us Northsiders, Trish is not originally from the area. She moved to Lake Bluff five years ago, around the time her son was born, from Anaheim, CA. Quick to make friends, Trish made her presence known within the Club with her infectious smile and positive attitude. From Day 1, Trish has become our resident caretaker; she’s always there encouraging others, offering her help, participating, and occasionally buying you a drink after the Wednesday night fun runs. She is a staple at group events, including trips, and is beyond generous with her time and support. We must pay her back one of these days!

When track workouts began last year, she showed up with a bucket of chicken wings from Buffalo Wild Wings and a legend was born, and now verified. Soon after, the chicken wing became a staple of our workouts, a component of our logo, and a sign of what we’re all about: fun and food and running. As Trish put it, “I just wanted to support the LRC and see all the members have fun and enjoy some chicken wings.” Enjoy them we did.

She started running as a means to be healthy and in no time found herself completing her first marathon – the 2014 Quad Cities Marathon (with a time of 5:24)…and then the Chicago Marathon (with a time of 5:30) just three weeks later! Just one season running with the LRC gave Trish the confidence and education she needed to take on this previously unthinkable goal. Running your first marathon is a huge endeavor in and of itself but starting your marathon running career by running two marathons so close together is quite a feat! Trish has now even become a member of the Marathon Maniacs group. She’s looking forward to improving upon her past performances as she trains with us for the Revel Rockies Denver Half Marathon (a July LRC group trip), the Chicago Marathon in October, and the Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon (a November LRC group trip).

We are looking forward to running and traveling with Trish this year, getting her under that 5-hour mark at the 2015 Chicago Marathon, and making sure that we all buy her a drink and pick up the tab on those chicken wings!


About libertyville running club

It pays to run with friends and you don't have to pay for that here. So whether you're a new or experienced runner, training for a race or just hoping to have a casual run with friends, this page will be a resource for all active people in and around Libertyville.
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