Meet the LRC – May Member Spotlight

Eleah Photo for May Article 2

L to R (in case you need help determining human vs. cat): Eleah, Topaz

You know her, you know of her, or you should know her. This month we bring you the queen of pun and fun, Eleah Neubauer, via this exclusive interview with her cat, Topaz.

LRC Senior News Correspondent: You’ve recently territorialized the area. What brought you and Eleah to the North Shore?

Topaz: Eleah is really an annoying person. She made me FLY all the way to Chicago from Portland, OR, last summer just so she could spend all her time attending the Pathologists’ Assistant Program at Rosalind Franklin University and running! Have you ever had a TSA officer pet you? It is terrifying. However, I’m pretty glad we moved to Illinois because studying pathology makes her smell like a combination of sweat and formalin all the time; a smell I find quite enjoyable to be near.

LRC Senior News Correspondent: How have you adapted to the change?

Topaz: I have very specific needs that I want met at specific times. I think she forgets she has a cat sometimes. Last October she left me for two full days because she wanted to run from our house in Great Lakes to Chicago and back the next day – 36 miles each way! When she finally got back to attend to me she was so tired I had to get my petting needs met by rubbing my face against her hands, sometimes lying on her face until she pet me. Ridiculous!

LRC Senior News Correspondent: Tell us about Eleah’s running and how she came to discover the LRC?

Topaz: She began running in 2007 in college despite her prior assessment that running was not fun. She started following people she didn’t even know on Strava (creepy, right?) because she wanted more friends to run with and she refused to take me; I begged to go outside with her. She found that chump with the red beard and some LRC folks and now she’s always out running with them, or really drinking and eating donuts which she never even shares with me. Running has been a huge stress reliever for her, and through the LRC she’s made much better friends than she thought she would make in Illinois.

It’s kind of gross really; I’ve even heard her talk in her sleep about how she loves you guys. She finds inspiration from everyone in the LRC. She’s never been part of a running community like this and the support and encouragement is really unique. For example, she thought it was pretty fantastic that a few LRC members came out to cheer her on for her first ultra at the Des Plains River Trail 50-mile ultra race when she had only known the LRC for one week. At least when she is home, no matter where she is or what she is doing, we cuddle.

LRC Senior News Correspondent: Eleah just ventured into ultra running this year. Purina for your thoughts?

Topaz: You humans will find it interesting that she started at a young age (she’s 24) – a discipline that is generally thought to require years of conditioning and an age no younger than 30. Methinks that all of you runners encouraged her to run more miles (this was likely a way to avoid studying also). Soon enough, her legs convinced her mind that she could do it. Unlike us cats with our nonhuman-like quick reflexes, bursts of speed never came easy to her. Instead, she finds enjoyment in the long, relaxed pace of an ultra and swears they are loads of fun!

LRC Senior News Correspondent: Where will the road take you next?

Topaz: We are moving to Temple, Texas on May 27th so she can complete her clinical year. I hope that it is so hot that she will just stay inside with me and give up this whole running business once and for all! Of course, she did already sign up for her first 100-mile ultra race this December. I don’t know if we’ll stay in Texas; she says she wants to go to the mountains. Personally I don’t really care as long as I have access to my catnip blanket and fresh toilet water.

LRC Senior News Correspondent: Will our paths cross again?

Topaz: Eleah plans to get back here for a race and a trip to Lovin’ Oven at least once a year. But not me, I don’t fly and frankly I don’t like confectionaries…or any of you.


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