Meet the LRC – April Member Spotlight

Brie and Steve after completing the Chicago Rock N' Roll Half Marathon in 2014

Brie and Steve Lorey after completing the Chicago Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon in 2014 – a 3 minute PR for Steve and although 1 minute shy of breaking her goal of 2 hours, Brie did manage to not stop to pee, a feat in of itself!

Couples that run together, stay (fit) together!

Brie and Steve came to the Libertyville Running Club from Puerto Rico after receiving his new assignment as First Sergeant of a Military Intelligence Army Reserve Company at Fort Sheridan last summer. Steve did a little Google search to find people with similar interests to connect with in the community to which they were moving. As Brie said, “We hit the jackpot with LRC and the community vibe it offers. The people were all inviting and welcoming from day one, and I think that really made the difference for us.”

These two are no strangers to making friends and adapting to change. Since meeting at a community college in Arizona, Brie (originally from Marietta, GA) and Steve (born in New York), on account of Steve’s career, have lived in Arizona, California, Puerto Rico and now Illinois. Steve has also had tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. The key for them is to plug into the ice skating and running communities right away. 

Brie grew up ice skating. She started skating when she was 4 years old, and was competing regionally by the age of 10. At 26, with an amateur status, she placed one spot shy for a position in ice dance on the National team. Soon after, she returned to coaching. Upon moving to Illinois, she began skating and coaching at Centennial Ice Arena in Highland Park. 

Brie is no Army Wife. She is licensed to practice therapy, with a degree in Psychology, in Arizona. However, rather than maintain her licensure in each new state they move to, she found an accounting position with her church back home that has enabled her to manage an accounting department remotely for the past three years. Through her church, she has embarked on several mission trips, most recently to Myanmar, where she delivered much needed clothing, money, and food to a Christian church and small village.

Steve’s strong desire to stay fit (and possibly his desire to recapture those high school track glory days) led him to the LRC which in turn led him to Amphibian Multisport. After the LRC hosted a Garmin event at Amphibian last summer, Steve began picking up his triathlon training when our midwestern winter introduced itself. He now spends 4-5 days per week there cycling on their CompuTrainers or swimming in their 2-lane, 25 yard saltwater pool. Steve is no stranger to the rigors of triathlete training, himself an Ironman finisher, and a former junior coach for a triathlete group while living in northern California.

Unfortunately, this coaching mentality gets him in a bit of trouble with Brie. As Brie put it, “he’s a great coach….unless you are his wife.” Any time they come to a crossroads or their adventure takes them somewhere they would rather not be, reminding each other they are on the same team has served them well. Brie reminds us that no relationship happens without bumps or even mountains in your path, but doing it hand-in-hand makes all the difference.  

That brings us to a rather unfortunate mountain that recently presented itself…

Steve was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma a few weeks ago, and although it is a very treatable cancer, he has a few months of chemotherapy ahead of him. His 2015 goals of running his first 50K and clocking a fairly ambitious finishing time at Ironman Maryland will take a backseat to beating cancer and getting back into shape. Luckily, he’ll have Brie and the entire LRC community by his side sending him our love and making sure that happens. 

Of all the places they have been, Lovin’ Oven on a Saturday morning ranks as a favorite. Not only are the donuts amazing, but the gathering of runners afterward is their most enjoyable part. As of now, the Loreys are scheduled to be with us until June 2016. Let’s make sure we put Libertyville at the top of their list of places in which to settle down once active duty life ends in eight years. 


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It pays to run with friends and you don't have to pay for that here. So whether you're a new or experienced runner, training for a race or just hoping to have a casual run with friends, this page will be a resource for all active people in and around Libertyville.
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