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12 days

LRC’s 12 Days Until Christmas & 12 Local Shops that Matter in 12 Posts

If you’re like me, you haven’t started your shopping for Christmas (and/or yourself) yet. Fret not! We’re going to highlight a different local business each day that has been good to the LRC – offering discounts, supporting us, and hosting events for us throughout 2015. Let’s show them our appreciation for making my job and this club that much more rewarding by picking up a little something from them.

The Night Before Christmas: Craft Beer Store

On the night before Christmas, let us show The Craft Beer Store in Libertyville some love. Since opening, Dave the owner had the foresight to reach out to us and a beautiful relationship was forged: running & beer. The store has played host to many of our events this year. Let’s make one last stop before heading over to our family parties and grab some beer.

2 Days Until Christmas: Zen Ola

On this 2nd day until Christmas, let us show Zen Ola some love. Carrie Medina runs with us, makes the best all-natural, raw, healthy granola, and is genuinely the sweetest person you should know! She supplied an LRC blend to our Run of the Dead Elimination Run and through her employment at Starbucks in downtown Libertyville she has provided the Club with coffee and hot chocolate on numerous occasions. Make it a stocking stuffer and grab some on sale now for $7 through her (zenola576@gmail.com) or AREA General Store or Blue Sky Yoga.

3 Days Until Christmas: ChiliU

On this 3rd day until Christmas, let us show ChiliU some love. Manager Bill has embraced our shenanigans for almost as long as Lovin’ Oven has, playing host to many of our Wednesday night fun run after parties – often setting us up in the private room or giving us the entire patio on a nice summer night. Give the gift of chili. Chili is love.

4 Days Until Christmas: Lee Donuts

On this 4th day until Christmas, let us show Lee Donuts some love. Start this Christmas week off right with donuts! Since first meeting the owner Bill, I have been impressed with his involvement in the community and his willingness to help out anywhere he can. When I added a donut station to the Twilight Shuffle 5k, Lee Donuts was more than willing to provide all the donuts and has continued its support by supplying donuts to our Run of the Dead race and hosting the occasional group run. It doesn’t hurt that they make great donuts, serve Hansa coffee, and have my childhood ice cream, Mitchell’s, in house.

5 Days Until Christmas: Savory Spice Shop

On this 5th day until Christmas, let us show Savory Spice Shop some love. Looking for something to spice up the holidays? This local spice shop graciously kept its doors open after hours for us to participate in one of our scavenger runs this summer. Once inside, you’ll find an intriguing array of spices sure to tantalize your blandest of recipes or relatives. I recommend concocting a new hot chocolate recipe or gifting one as a stocking stuffer.

6 Days Until Christmas: Lovin’ Oven Cakery

On this 6th day until Christmas, let us show Lovin’ Oven Cakery some love. They have served as our Saturday post-run club house since the LRC’s inception 2 years ago tomorrow! I knew they would serve as the perfect location given that our original banner featured a maple bacon donut with the slogan, “Libertyville Running Club – The Maple Bacon Donut Support Group.” Give the sweetest gift you can and get your fix before their holiday closing from December 25th – January 4th.

7 Days Until Christmas: Tighthead Brewing Company

On this 7th day until Christmas, let us show Tighthead Brewing Company some love. It’s Friday. Christmas shopping is hard. You need a beer. Bruce and the gang were gracious hosts to our Brewery Pub Run (Water Project Fundraiser), Run of the Dead race, and various other Wednesday night fun runs. The Food for your Soul-Food Truck will be there tonight. Eat. Drink. Be merry!

8 Days Until Christmas: Amphibian Multisport

On this 8th day until Christmas, let us show Amphibian Multisport some love. This local go-to shop for triathlete training and gear is one of a kind and doing its part to foster a better community. Marty et al. we’re a big help in sponsoring and volunteering at Run of the Dead Elimination Run and we look forward to more events in the future with them. Now get yourself a pair of Hokas and a fat bike because 2016 WILL be the year of the ultra runner and fat bikes are just too fun!

9 Days Until Christmas: Road Runner Sports – Kildeer Marketplace

On this 9th day until Christmas, let us show Road Runner Sports – Kildeer Marketplace some love. The one running store that’s been there to support us and the running community with great events, discounts, and sponsorship all-the-while ensuring that we’re being attended to by passionate and knowledgeable staff. Where else can you find that around here?

10 Days Until Christmas: Perfect Brewing Supply

On this 10th day until Christmas, let us show Perfect Brewing Supply some love. Andrew, Angela, and staff have been awesomely accommodating to us throughout the year by hosting a brewing scavenger hunt run at which we brewed our very own maple bacon porter and a Prefontaine movie night. Beer and wine-making kits make a great gift and are quite useful. As the ancient LRC proverb states, “give a man a beer and he’ll drink it; teach a man to brew and you’ll get him, yourself, and all your friends drunk for a lifetime!”

11 Days Until Christmas: Proline Sports Nutrition

On this 11th day until Christmas, let us show Proline Sports Nutrition some love. They have everything you or that athlete in your life could want in the way of nutrition. Taylor and these folks have been great with supplying product for us on the occasional group run and sponsoring the Run of the Dead Elimination Run. Not only that, but they offer a 10% LRC discount!

12 Days Until Christmas: Real Clean Paleo

On this 12th day until Christmas, let us show Real Clean Paleo some love. After hosting a breakfast for LRC, Melissa and I ramped up our orders. That chia seed pudding and southwest sweet potato are incredible!